Valkyrie 2 chapter4

Chapter 4: Masquerade

As Rihmsjalier lay seemingly asleep a stealthy figure moved across the courtyard between the watchfires. She paused for a moment looking at the walls look at the sentries, they were as blind as the Valkyrie fools, this was her element this is where she hunted.

She paused listened and sniffed the air she would know the hated Aesir scent no matter how much he disguised it, moving with the speed of the shadows as silent as death she made her way to the cells to where the traitor waited.

The two guards died without a sound as the poison of the great mother found them, blood gelling in their veins. She used the keys to open the door the traitorous vermin roused as she put a needle in his eye.

When the creature was gone Gil moved out of a shadow of his own with his hand over Loki’s mouth until he had make sure it, she or whatever had left. The dead bodies dissolved, an illustration made with Loki’s erstwhile help. The god of mischief had decided to go with an enemy he knew rather than this rabid creature.

Inside the cell the blood was everywhere as Mist and Sif moved up beside Gil. On the wall what was a humans tounge became a pigs tounge as down below a note left by the creature had been written in blood: “TRAITOR.”

“How did you know mortal that Malice would do this, no matter what happened?”

“Loki, even in Midgard where your believed to be a myth you have a, how shall I put this, an unsavory reputation. I have to give you this Loki, you are a survivor, and as one I knew you’d make the choice that would give you the best chance.”

“How did..” Loki started to say.

“I know? Because I’ve had to make simular decisions in warfare, where one can’t always pick and choose friends. Who knows, I may want a favor one day. Now what did she send you after. After you tell me you can leave no one here will stop you. What’s does make me different is I do keep my word.”

“There is a small wooden unadorned case on the table along the north wall, inside you’ll find glass vials. I was told not to open the vials for any reason. All she would hint at is that they contained a deadly poison.”

As soon as Loki disappeared Gil ran out the cells out the room praying that the case was still there. He didn’t pause as he went through doors soon enough he found the case. He thanked every god he knew that they had interrupted him before he had run off with the case. The case was locked but when he touched it he knew.

“Tabun, she is crazy.”

“I see you found what Malice was after, what is it?” Mist as sshe and Sif followed him in. Gil closed the case as carefully as he opened it.

When the case was closed he started breathing again.

“A deadly poison indeed, a poison so virulent it would kill everyone for miles. This goes somewhere beyond reach forever, preferably a volcano.”

“Will a lava lake do?” Sif asked.

“Show me this lake.” Gil requested as he became his Valkyrie self with Sif leading them there. When they arrived on the shore of the lake he hurled the case and all out to the middle with his strength as the case disappeared.

When it was gone, Gil finally let himself relax he looked at both of them. Then he shuddered at what almost happened.

“It didn’t happen Gil, you saved everyone.” Mist said as she tried to get him to smile once they got back to the Fortress and in their room.

Then another voice spoke, “i take it our deception was successful.”

The three of them turned to see Ashe still dressed as Malice. She had made sure Loki had seen her.

“Very successful Ashe, it leaves me wondering what else did we miss? We’ll do another inventory tomorrow to make sure there’s nothing left that can kill everyone. We missed that box because of the first two, I don’t want any other surprises.”

Then Ashe started chuckling as her grin spread over her face.

“Did you see Loki’s face he was petrified!”

“He was certainly impressed with Malice’s performance.” Gil continued joining in the glee he sensed from his sister Valkyrie’s

“It was worth the wait he’s probably still running.” Sif added.


The god of mischief hadn’t gone very far as he sat on a mountainside looking down at the fortress of the Valkyries. He grudgingly admired them for their honesty, their purity of spirit, no matter what obstacles where put in their way.

Now this man had appeared who seemed to embrace all of those qualities. Better yet he was realistic, blunt and to the point. It also didn’t hurt that he was polite and knew his place in the order of things. A man of the world had joined the Valkyries. They would have never thought of this elaborate deception on their own.

Gil Swanson would bear watching, his keen intellect made him a dangerous man to cross. Loki then decided that the best course of action would be to help them rid the world of the dark queen. Asgard was and always had been his to conquer. He did not share that dream with anyone.

I need to go see Alberech. He’ll have something that I can use for my revenge on that dark elven harlot,


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