Welcome to my world.

Welcome to my world folks this is were I’m got to start telling the inside stories of my Valkyries world.
First off the Valkyries themselves.
Now from Norse myth most of us know the Valkyries served mead to the Einherjar in Valhalla. Mist was Odin’s cup bearer or mead maiden.When she dwelled in Valhalla she was also Odin’s bodyguard. The All Father was all to aware of the Valkyries powers. Loki once said that Odin feared the Riders would turn on Odin oneday.
In the beginning long before they ever set foot in Asgard the Valkyries are magically engineered homunculi. Created in Atlantis to be that empires footsoldiers, there primary mission was to kill mages. Over the centuries they evolved to be highly effective body guards, police, and shock troops. They still provided security for nobles of that land before the calamity that happened not long after Mists creation.
Mist, Senna, and Skuld are the most well known of the original valkyries. They were grown in vials after a couple of edition then in planted into a female wolf. The wolf’s genes added special abilities of there own to the Valkyries vast arsenal of weapons.

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